ERL Presentations at SEG 2020

October 9, 2020

Planning on participating in the Society of Exploration Geophysicists' virtual Annual Meeting October 11-16? Be sure to check out these presentations by MIT Earth Resources Laboratory researchers:

Date Start End Type Session ID Presenter Title
10/12/20 3:55pm 4:20pm Poster FWI P1 Zhilong Fang Lift and relax for waveform inversion
10/12/20 3:55pm 4:20pm Oral SS 3  Hilary Chang Investigation of the time-lapse changes with the DAS borehole data at the Brady geothermal field using deconvolution interferometry
10/13/20 10:10am 10:35am Poster SPET P2 Sarah Greer An approach to seismic inversion with quantum annealing
10/14/20 1:50pm 2:15pm Poster MLDA P5 Zhilong Fang Quality control of deep generator priors for statistical seismic inverse problems 
10/14/20 4:20pm 4:45pm Oral MLDA 4 Pawan Bharadwaj SymAE: an autoencoder with embedded physical symmetries for passive time-lapse monitoring
10/14/20 4:45pm 5:10pm Oral PS 1 Nori Nakata Pseudo arrivals generated by frequency normalization for seismic interferometry with
scattered waves ∼ stationary-phase analysis
10/14/20 9:45am 10:10am Poster FWI P4 Hongyu Sun Elastic full waveform inversion with extrapolated low-frequency data
10/15/20 2:40pm 2:55pm Oral Postconvention Workshop W-9 Hongyu Sun Low frequency extrapolation of multicomponent data with deep learning for elastic full waveform inversion