ERL at SEG 2019

September 25, 2019

The 2019 Society of Exploration Geophysicists Meeting in San Antonio, TX included 15 presentations with MIT ERL-affiliated authors. On Monday evening, ERL and MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences welcomed our alumni and friends in industry for a reception at the Hotel Contessa on the San Antonio's Riverwalk. ERL Research Scientist Dr. Dan Burns and ERL Fellow Dr. Arthur C. Cheng introduced our newest Principal Investigator, Dr. Nori Nakata, and acknowledged ERL researchers who've received award or other honors in the past year. On Tuesday evening, ERL alum Dr. Xinding Fang received the Karcher award from SEG.

MIT ERL Technical Presentations

Date Time Type Location Presenter Authors Title / Link
Monday, 9/16 3:30 PM Oral 214D Sarah Greer Sarah Greer, Sergey Fomel, and Michael Fry Prestack phase corrections using local seismic attributes
Monday, 9/16 4:45 PM Oral 217C Saleh Al Nasser Frank Dale Morgan, Saleh Al Nasser, Ruel Jerry, and Ananias Verneuil Investigations into groundwater flow towards a spring in the Saphire Area, Soufriere, St Lucia, West Indies
Tuesday, 9/17 11:25 AM Oral 225B Kristopher A. Innanen Kristopher A. Innanen, Rie Nakata, A. Kato, D. C. Lawton, and M. Bertram
Seismic evidence for transient elastic bracing in microbubble water and CO2 injection zones
Tuesday, 9/17 1:50 PM Poster Poster Station 2 Yuji Kim Yuji Kim and Nori Nakata
A comparison of geophysical inversion and machine learning in inverse problems
Tuesday, 9/17 3:05PM Poster Poster Station 13 Maria Kotsi Maria Kotsi, Alison Malcolm, and Gregory Ely 4D multiparameter adaptive metropolis hastings inversion
Wednesday, 9/18 8:30 AM Oral 217B Richard Lynch Florent Brenguier, Aurélien Mordret, Richard Lynch, Roméo Courbis, Xander Campbell, Pierre Boué, MaƂgorzata Chmiel, Shujuan Mao, Tomoya Takano, Thomas Lecocq, Wim van der Veen, Sophie Postif, and Dan Hollis Monitoring of fields using body and surface waves reconstructed from passive seismic ambient noise
Wednesday, 9/18 8:40 AM Oral 303B Rie Nakata
Rie Nakata, David Lumley, Gary Hampson, Kurt Nihei, and Nori Nakata
Estimation of Q in the presence of full waveform scattering effects in VSP data
Wednesday, 9/18 9:20 AM Poster Poster Station 1 Chen Gu Chen Gu, Youssef M. Marzouk, and M. Nafi Toksoz
Bayesian deep learning and uncertainty quantification applied to induced seismicity locations in the Groningen gas field in the Netherlands: What do we need for safe AI?
Wednesday, 9/18 9:45 AM Poster Poster Station 9 Andrea Scarinci Andrea Scarinci, Michael Fehler, and Youssef Marzouk Robust Bayesian moment tensor inversion using Transport-Lagrangian distances
Wednesday, 9/18 10:10 AM Poster Poster Station 9 Xiaowei Chen Xiaowei Chen, Colin Pennington, Raymond Ng, Nori Nakata, and Jiewen Zhang Source parameter analysis of microseismicity during hydraulic fracture: Pinning stress distributions within fracture zone
Wednesday, 9/18 11:25 AM Oral 214D Aimé Fournier Aimé Fournier, Charles-Henri Clerget, Pawan Bharadwaj, Alexandru Merciu, and Gjertrud Skår A seismoelectric inverse problem with well-log data and borehole-confined acquisition
Wednesday, 9/18 2:40 PM Oral 217B Yuwei Wang Yuwei Wang, Nori Nakata, Y. Kumano, and H. Shimizu
Microseismic imaging of real passive data with GmRTM
Wednesday, 9/18 3:55 PM Oral 217C Nori Nakata Nori Nakata, Rie Nakata, and Ziqiu Xue Estimation of scatterer locations and subsurface velocities using scattered tube waves observed during a crosswell survey
Wednesday, 9/18 4:45 PM Oral 301B Hongyu Sun Hongyu Sun and Laurent Demanet Extrapolated full waveform inversion with convolutional neural networks
Thursday, 9/19 8:30AM Workshop 221C Michael Fehler Lianjie Huang, Yu Chen, Michael Fehler, Martin Schoenball, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Pengcheng Fu, Trenton Cladouhos, Paige Czoski, Timothy Kneafsey, and the EGS Collab Team Induced Microseismicity in Geothermal and CO2-EOR Fields (Part of W3: Integrated Geophysical and Geomechanical Evaluation of Induced Seismicity)


Presenters and authors who are current members of MIT ERL:
Sarah Greer, Graduate Student
Saleh Al Nasser, Graduate Student
Frank Dale Morgan, Professor and Associate Director of ERL
Nori Nakata, Principal Research Scientist
Shujuan Mao, Graduate Student
Chen Gu, Postdoctoral Associate
Youssef Marzouk, Assoociate Professor
M. Nafi Toksoz, Professor and Founder of ERL
Pawan Bharadawaj, Postdoctoral Associate
Andrea Scarinci, Graduate Student and Fulbright Scholar
Michael C. Fehler, Senior Research Scientist and Deputy Director of ERL
Aimé Fournier, Research Scientist
Hongyu Sun, Graduate Student
Laurent Demanet, Professor and Director of ERL

Presenters and authors who were recently members of MIT ERL:
Rie Nakata, Visiting Scientist 2019
Gregory Ely, PhD Alum 2019
Aurélien Mordret, Postdoctoral Associate 2014-2019
Charles-Henri Clerget, Postdoctoral Associate 2018-2019
Yuwei Wang, Visiting Scientist 2019