Welcome new ERL researchers!

September 14, 2018

Please join us in welcoming several new researchers who have joined ERL recently:

Anuar Togaibekov, MSc, Graduate Student, Herring Group

Emilie Bowman, Graduate Student, Peç Group

Yu (Rachel) Qiu, Graduate Student, Juanes Group

Sarah Yvonne Greer, Graduate Student, Demanet Group

Cassandra Seltzer, Graduate Student, Peç Group

Andrea Scarinci, MS, Graduate Student / Fulbright Scholar, Marzouk Group

Dr. Cailey B. Condit, NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Peç Group

Dr. Jayanth Jagalur Mohan, Postdoctoral Associate, Marzouk Group

Dr. Ke Xu, Postdoctoral Associate, Juanes Group

Dr. Samiya Alkhairy, MITEi-ExxonMobil Postdoctoral Fellow, Toksöz Group

Mariana Rodríguez-Buño, Graduate Student / Fulbright Science & Tech. Fellow, Einstein Group

And please join us in welcoming back:

Lubna Barghouty, MSc, MEd, Graduate Student, Morgan Group (MSc alum returning for her PhD)

Ammar Alali, MSc, Graduate Student, Morgan Group (MSc alum returning for his PhD)

Dr. Ali Seiphori, Research Affiliate, Evans Group (Former postdoc returning as a Research Affiliate)