2D full-waveform modeling of seismic waves in layered karstic media

Title2D full-waveform modeling of seismic waves in layered karstic media
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsZheng, Y, Malallah, AH, Fehler, M, Hu, H
PaginationT115 - T124
Date PublishedJan-03-2016
AbstractWe have developed a new propagator-matrix scheme to simulate seismic-wave propagation and scattering in a multilayered medium containing karstic voids. The propagator matrices can be found using the boundary element method. The model can have irregular boundaries, including arbitrary free-surface topography. Any number of karsts can be included in the model, and each karst can be of arbitrary geometric shape. We have used the Burton-Miller formulation to tackle the numerical instability caused by the fictitious resonance due to the finite size of a karstic void. Our method was implemented in the frequency-space domain, so frequency- dependent Q can be readily incorporated. We have validated our calculation by comparing it with the analytical solution for a cylindrical void and to the spectral element method for a more complex model. This new modeling capability is useful in many important applications in seismic inverse theory, such as imaging karsts, caves, sinkholes, and clandestine tunnels.