MIT ERL Annual Founding Members Meeting 2022: New subsurface technologies and inference methods

May 25, 2022 (All day) to May 26, 2022 (All day)


ERL Researchers

Each year MIT ERL invites representatives of our Founding Member companies to the MIT campus to hear about our latest research. Our agenda for this year will be slightly different than in years past, with a full day of talks by students and postdocs for representatives of our Founding Member companies, followed by a half-day of talks by our principal investigators open to all in academia and industry. After two years of online-only meetings, we are thrilled to once again offer a Charles River dinner cruise. If you are interested in joining us and have not yet received an invitation, please contact

Our talks will also inlude two special plenary sessions:

5/25: Prof. Yunyue Elita Li, Associate Professor at Purdue and Research Affiliate at MIT: "Carbon sequestration in the subsurface: the atlas and the monitoring"

5/26: Dr. Dirk Smit, Vice President at Shell and ERL Fellow at MIT: Perspectives on CCS beyond Scope 1 and 2



Zoom Link for 5/25 Presentaions

Zoom Link for 5/26 Presentations

Agenda (subject to change):

Date Location Time Session Speaker Title (Subject to change)
Wednesday, 5/25/2022 66-110 9:00 Welcome  Laurent Demanet  
9:10 FWI, Imaging,and Machine Learning Hongyu Sun A field-data case study of extrapolated full-waveform inversion
9:30 Sarah Greer Superresolution with the zero-phase imaging condition
9:50 Brindha Kanniah Deep Learning with SymAE to Correct Deepwater Statics
10:10 Break `  
10:40 CO2 Storage and Hazards Lluis Salo Managing CO2 Fault Migration Hazard for Safe, Large-Scale Geologic Carbon Storage
11:00 Josimar Alves Da Silva The impact of energy production at the Wilmington oil field, California, on seismic hazards: A coupled multiphase flow and geomechanics perspective
11:20 Omar AlDajani and Randy Pietersen Quantitative Image Analysis of Fracture Propagation
11:40 Rafael Villamor Lora Experimental investigations on flow and transport in stressed, rough fractures using 3D-printing and milifluidic experiments
12:00 Student and Postdoc Introductions Borjan Geshovski, Eve Meltzer, Mathilde Wimez, Tiange Xing  
12:20 Lunch    
1:40 Plenary Session Yunyue Elita Li Carbon sequestration in the subsurface: the atlas and the monitoring
2:10 Acquisition and Processing for Passive Seismicity I Hilary Chang The DAS experiment using MIT telecommunication dark fibers
2:30 Tong Bai A “sliding box” automated earthquake relocation method based on GmRTM
2:50 Break    
3:20 Acquisition and Processing for Passive Seismicity II Zhendong Zhang Characterizing Microseisms Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing with Hybrid Borehole DAS and Three-Component Geophone Data
3:40 Malcolm White FastMapSVM: Classifying Complex Objects Using the FastMap Algorithm and Support-Vector Machines
MIT Boathouse 6:00 Charles River Cruise    
Thursday, 5/26/2022 66-110 9:00 Plenary Session Dirk Smit Perspectives on CCS beyond Scope 1 and 2
9:30 ERL Principal Investigors: Overviews and Perspectives I Laurent Demanet Research perspectives for ERL
9:50 Brad Hager Chemo-thermo-geomechanical implications for monitoring CCS and geothermal reservoirs
10:10 Ruben Juanes Photoporomechanics
10:30 Break    
11:00 ERL Principal Investigors: Overviews and Perspectives II Herbert Einstein Energy storage in artificial subsurface openings - construction, operation, risk and decision making
11:20 Camilla Cattania Induced fault slip: fast or slow?
11:40 Michael Fehler Machine Learning for Identifying Subsurface Targets Using Small Datasets: Applications to Geothermal Energy and Carbon Sequestration
54-209 12:00 Business Meeting and Lunch (for ERL Pis and representatives of Founding Member companies)