FISH: Qingkai Kong: MyShake - Crowdsourcing smartphone seismic network

Oct 20, 2017 - 11:30 AM EDT


Qingkai Kong, UC Berkeley

Quingkai Kong, PhD Student at UC Berkeley, presents "MyShake - Crowdsourcing smartphone seismic network".

"In this talk, I will show one of the projects I am working on - MyShake, building a global smartphone seismic network. This is a crowdsourcing project that harnesses the sensors inside the smartphones to detect earthquakes. For the first part of the talk, I will discuss the motivations behind the project and the steps we took to address the key challenges to build the network. With a global release of the application on Feb 2016, we got more than 270,000 downloads and built a global network across 6 continents within less than a year. Until Aug 12th 2017, MyShake network has recorded more than 700 earthquakes globally ranging from M2.5 to M7.8. Furthermore, the real-time data and waveform data collected from the network have great potential applications both in Earth science and data science. We are currently in the process of exploring this new dataset with various applications. In the last part of my talk, building on top of MyShake, I will share some of my thinks of combining data science with earth science."

Please note this week's talk starts earlier than usual at 11:30am.