Microseismic imaging of real passive data with GmRTM

TitleMicroseismic imaging of real passive data with GmRTM
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWang, Y, Nakata, N, Kumano, Y, Shimizu, H
Conference NameSEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2019
PublisherSociety of Exploration Geophysicists
Conference LocationSan Antonio, Texas

Detection and Location of passive source is the most essential content in microseismic monitoring, which is used to describe the spatial distribution of fractures, and evaluate the effect of fracturing. Geometric-mean Reverse Time Migration (GmRTM) focuses the extrapolated wavefields at source location by multi-dimensional crosscorrelation imaging condition and enhances spatial resolution of the locating. We present a 3D multi-component data processing workflow using GmRTM technique. The feasibility of GmRTM method is examined with a real dataset from an oil field in Akita Prefecture, Japan. The proposed workflow creates spatially high-resolution source images. The location results are robust with respect to noise because the imaging condition effectively suppresses noise in our cases. This workflow can effectively use temporal and spatial signals in P and S waves separately to detect the source location with continuous data.