Targeted Survey Design Under Uncertainty

TitleTargeted Survey Design Under Uncertainty
Publication TypePatent Application
Year of Submission2014
AuthorsChugunov, N, Ramakrishnan, TS, Moldovoneau, N, Fournier, A, Osypov, KS, Altundas, YB
AssigneeSchlumberger Technology Corp.
Place submittedUSA

A method, apparatus, and program product utilize global sensitivity analysis (GSA) based on variance decomposition to calculate and apportion the contributions to a total variance of a measurement signal from uncertain input parameters of a subsurface model in connection with designing targeted surveys. Through the use of global sensitivity analysis in this manner, the geometry for a survey may be determined based on a desired target of the design, e.g., based on spatial properties (e.g., reservoir zone of interest) and/or physical properties (e.g., porosity, fluid density, rock physics properties) to select locations (e.g., source-receiver pairs) with greater uncertainty contributions from parameter group(s) of interest.

Citation Key2921