Samiya Alkhairy
  • MITEi-ExxonMobil Postdoctoral Fellow
  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Mass. Inst. of Tech., 2017
  • MSc, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mass. Inst. of Tech., 2016
Biographical Overview
Samiya Alkhairy’s research area is modeling wave propagation systems and analytic estimation of latent variables. She has a particular interest in seismic and biomedical problems and developing and applying analytic invertible models to these ends. Her broader interests include developing analytic deterministic models of dynamic systems - especially those governed by wave propagation; utilizing both constitutive equations and observable signals; minimalistic modeling and characterization of the system using significant extensions of applied mathematics; and deriving system-specific analytic inverse expressions and methods for estimation of latent variables and system identification from observable signals. Samiya’s PhD thesis topic was analytic modeling of wave propagation in the inner ear and noninvasive estimation of its functional characteristics.